Alert condition "The event occurs" is no longer present

We’ve noticed when setting up alerts for new projects this week that the event condition “The event occurs” under the when drop down is no longer present. It still exists for projects created earlier, though no new alert of that condition can be created.

Is this being replaced for something else?


Same here. Is there some other way to alert when an event occurs?

Same, I see it on older Sentry alerts, but can’t add it to new ones.

Same here. Is there a workaround for this? The docs doe not meantion any changes, it wouod be nice if someone from sentry could elaborate.
It seems sentry is working on reducing alarm noise (RFC: Reducing alert noise in Sentry) so I suppose it has something to do with that.

Do y’all see the new UI?

If yes, the “event occurs” condition is now implicit because alerts only get evaluated when Sentry receives an event. That’s indicated by the “When an event is captured by Sentry and…” line. Any triggers are optional.

Let us know if you have suggestions for making this clearer.

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