Docker install: is it possible to access to postgresql and redis

Hello, I’m using sentry on a vos since 2 months. It’s quite interesting but I would like to do some custom queries that are impossible to do from GUI. So is it possible to connect to postgresql or redis from docker installation?
Thanks for help

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Yes, you should be able to. However, that depends on the set up you’re running. In case you’re running the entire stack (using docker-compose, for instance) on one single machine, you might’ve to change the way the networking is done.

For starters, go through the documentation on Docker networking here:
It’s a little lengthy and detailed, but if you need something a little terse, I wrote about this a little bit here, and there are much better articles elsewhere on the internet too.

Depending upon the networking setup, you’ll have a way to connect to psql or have a similar way to connect to the underlying Postgres instance that runs as a container.

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