Empty dashboard on new install

New install via on-premise repo / compose (Sentry 21.4.0.dev04da2536). Everything seems to be working fine except the Dashboard section is empty. Navigating to it there is a (very) brief spinner stating “Loading data for your organization” but the resulting page is empty outside of the normal Sentry footer w/ version, API, Docs, etc links.

Chrome inspector doesn’t show any console errors and all requests show 200’s. I’ve tried going through the container logs but nothing stood out to me, although with 28 containers running I’m hoping to narrow things down a bit :wink: I was hoping it was pending some cron process, but at this point it doesn’t appear so. Any suggestions or further info that might be helpful?


Guessing you are the same person as who posted No Dashboard on fresh on-premise install · Issue #25223 · getsentry/sentry · GitHub.

Please avoid double posting. You can follow the GitHub issue, will be closing this thread.