Error can't access http://my-ip:9000

When I access to http://my-ip:9000, it was redirect to my-ip:9000/auth/login/ and show message error ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE.
Is there any way for me to review the error log, I tried google about it but couldn’t find a solution.
It was good that someone helped me solve this problem.
Thank you for watching !

Hi have similar issue with sentry running for a couple of months.
Suddenly, I can’t access the web dashboard anymore, it closes the HTTPS connection unexpectedly.
Setting the log-level to DEBUG does not give any information.

Any ideas how to debug this?

@briansamuel - you can get the logs by docker-compose logs web if you are using the on-premise repo. Without any logs and your configuration, it is hard to speculate on what might be happening.

@fl4p - your issue sounds quite different. Why don’t you create new topic with details around your setup, configuration, and some logs for people to help you?