[Expo] Production crashes not reported in Sentry


We currently have a production application running with Expo, and some users (iOS & Android) are running into crashes that we cannot reproduce in our development environnement. We decided to try out Sentry for production crash reporting, as recommended by the Expo documentation.
So far we were able to get an issue reported back to Sentry from a production build (a simple ‘TypeError: undefined is not an object’ bug that we triggered ourself). However, for the real crashes we are looking for, once triggered on the production build, no new issue is created in Sentry. The app crashes, reload on her own, and no report is sent.

Do you know what can we do to have those crashes reported in Sentry ?
Are they not reported because they might be native crashes ?

Edit: Expo SDK 32 and sentry-expo 1.13.0

Many thanks

With our Expo SDK we are not able to pick up native crashes, so yes, if it’s a native crash we cannot send the report.
For that you would need to eject your app and use our new react-native SDK directly.

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