Native Crash not reported to Sentry but other platform


We are developing a React Native app and we integrated Sentry and Instabug, for crash reporting and bug reporting.

However, we found that native crashes are not reported to Sentry but to Instabug.

Do you think it is instabug intercepted the native crash and cause this issue?

Or if I have any setting I need to make for native crash reporting?


I don’t understand what do you mean by “crashes and bugs”. How do you differentiate them?
What do you have from Instabug that you currently miss in Sentry?

Sentry will capture native crashes and RN crashes, as well as other non fatal errors.

Installing multiple crash reporting SDKs isn’t supported. They race each other on taking the signal handler (for native crashes) and it often results in only 1 of the SDKs capturing the error. This is also due to the limitations of what can run there (like allocating memory etc) and how long the app lives. This limitation also affects the Java layer, given that the operating system will kill the app before more than one SDK is able to process the crash and save the error to storage.

Hi @bruno-garcia

Thanks for your reply.

“Bugs” is actually reported explicitly by the users, they will provide description and screenshots. But you can ignore this, this is just our internal standard.

Regarding multiple crash reporting SDKs, so you think once we keep only Sentry, it will be capturing all crashes, right?


@booker-dragon yes, that’s right.