GeoIP with isSendDefaultPii=false?

I’m enjoying Sentry and using it with the Java SDK (self-hosted Sentry Sentry 21.5.1 with the Java SDK 4.3.0).
I’ve set isSendDefaultPii = false to avoid tracking and storing the users’s ip with events. As far as I understand this prevents the GeoIP location to show up in the dashboard (source).

I tested this once with isSendDefaultPii = true and the location was showing up on the dashboard map. Therefore I assume that my GeoIP setup is fine.

I had hoped that it would take the IP from the HTTP request, instead of the property in the payload. I understand that this might not be as accurate, e.g. because of proxies, but still would hopefully provide a rough estimate where my users come from.

Is there a way to show the locations on the Dashboard map, even with isSendDefaultPii = false?


Hi! Don’t think this is currently possible but you may use Relay for PII data scrubbing instead which should preserve some key information.

/cc @jauer

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