Gitlab Issues: select an author ("Issue opened by")

We are using self hosted sentry 9.1.2 and gitlab, and successfully configured gitlab integration. Release and commit tracking is not in use.

However all issues are created by the same author - the gitlab keys refers to the user who adds the application.

So as a quick&dirty solution we created a “sentry” user in gitlab.

However we would prefer if the real author could be selected when creating a Gitlab Issue, is this possible?


I think this is what you need

This requires Sentry 10+ though. //cc @scefali

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Thanks for your comment and sorry for the late reply.

However I think selectable issue-authors are not possible since the gitlab key belongs to a distinct gitlab user. So we simply created a “” user for issues created in sentry, that’s sufficient right now. Looking forward to Sentry 10 nevertheless.