Group errors based on messages and ignoring stacktrace

Is there a way that I can group errors in sentry based on messages instead of stacktrace by using server side fingerprinting or custom grouping enhancements?


  1. error: divided by zero -> stacktrace1
  2. error: array index out of bounds -> stacktrace1

Normally in sentry these 2 errors are grouped under same issue, but i want to group them differently based on the error message and ignore the stacktrace.

This is possible (as a beta-level feature) in Sentry 10. You may try the beta or wait a few more weeks for the final release.

Any news on this feature ?
We have a lot of messages with the same stacktrace, and I would like to group them by a part of the message.
e.g a server side fingerprint, matched by wildcard - but instead of grouping by a static text I would like to group by the value of the wildcard. e.g:
message:"Response prefixstring: *" -> my-error-[0]

  • could match on “Unknown hostname…” or “No access” and it should group to two different issues

@Svenna I could achieve it by making changes on the client side fingerprint, couldn’t find solution for the same on the server side fingerprint

Yes, but being able to do it server side would be preferable, since there’s a lot of clients already out there, and BYK’s post points in a direction where it should be possible.
I’ve played around with docs and testing, and I if only {{ message }} would be a valid parameter I would be happy :slight_smile:

Then I could do this:
message:"Response prefixstring: *" -> api-server-error, {{ message }}

Optimally I could inject only a portion of the error to be able to do something like this
error “User UserName got error: my error text”
message:"User * got error: *" -> api-server-error, {{ part2 }}

@Svenna I think this feature is now enabled by default. Which version of Sentry are you running on?

Hi @BYK,
I’m running cloud version on - not sure if there’s a published version number. SDK version is recent, but since we’re talking server feature I guess not important.

Reading back at the original question, you answer is probably based on only my first post - I realize that I can do manual grouping of messages if I configure every message variant with a rule, but I would need a way to make it generic, where I take part of the incoming message as a grouping criteria.

If it’s possible to to do: message:"Response prefixstring: *" -> api-server-error, {{ message }} I would be happy.

If it could be improved as: message:"User * got error: *" -> api-server-error, {{ part2 }} it would be perfect.

It any of the later options is possible, please point me in the right direction :slight_smile:

@Svenna we have this:

Not sure if this is what you are looking for or not. always uses the latest version and doesn’t have version numbers.

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