Installing plugins in air gapped environment

Hello Sentry community,

I need to install Sentry plugin (sentry-ldap-auth) in air gapped environment (no access to the internet), so the usual docker-compose down & up -d is not an option, since plugin won’t be downloaded…

Can I build custom docker image with the plugin prebuilt-in? If so, any directions?

I though about adding the plugin to requirements.txt, commiting that file, building it on my own. But the plugins are downloaded and installed on startup from what I have seen, so I doubt that this approach will work.

I have modified the onpremise repository, to get all the custom images and I am already building the cleanup images, since they run apt-get update, which is would fail on the target server.

Any ideas how to work around this?

I just shuffled entrypoints and moved plugin installation from “startup” to buildtime (of docker image).

I am testing this, but should work.

I would love to see this change in the future in the upstream, since this would be really nice and help runnming sentry without internet access in air gapped environments.

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