iOS: use Sentry and Fabric at the same time?

I’ve been using Sentry for my iOS app for some time, but would like to add Twitter Fabric as well.

Do they play well together (including the crash handler)

Thoughts? Feedback? Thx :slight_smile:

Good chance the crash handlers won’t play well together, but I’m not sure if that’s true or not. I do think it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to use multiple crash handlers as its a lot of extra impact on the end user for no real value.

Hey. If you mean crashalytics they do play well together. We tested it ourselves just recently. If you run into anything that does not work as intended please let us know.

Thanks to you both for your replies. Yes I mean Crashlytics.

@zeeg as for the rationale to use both: I have a few crashes on iOS I’ve been unable to find out the root cause for. An iOS super-ninja friend of mine is going to take a look, but he has more experience with Fabric (including super large scale apps), which is why I want to include both for some time.

I’ll try things out and report here.

So, did it work out?

@zeeg do you have any updates on this matter? We want to try to migrate to Sentry from Crashlytics but I cannot just unplug Crashlytics at the moment.

You could try configuring both and test it in development.

I tried, it seemed to work. I have reservations to do that in production though :slight_smile:

Worst thing that could happen is that one receives the crash and the other does not ^^

What are you talking about? My programs don’t crash :triumph: :rofl: .
Seriously though, it should soon go into production and then we’ll see how it behaves in the wild.

So far works OK side by side. It seems that both frameworks report crashes. I didn’t do any analysis but it looks like they both report the same crashes in 80% of cases and then in the rest of cases they report different crashes.

How did you configure Sentry with Crashlytics? I can’t get it work( It’s randomly send crashes to Fabric or Sentry.