Is it possible to setup Bitbucket integration with a Sentry instance that is only accessible within internal network?

Hey there,

We are looking to enable Bitbucket integration with our internal Sentry instance but getting the following error:

This app is misconfigured. Contact the vendor for assistance.

descriptor_uri: The add-on URL provided is invalid. Please check the URL and try again. If you continue to have troubles. Contact the vendor for help. Here’s the error we received: URL https://–sentry internal URL–/extensions/bitbucket/descriptor/ is invalid: local addresses not allowed

redirect_uri: Could not resolve descriptor so cannot check redirect_uri against baseUrl

Looks like your Sentry instance is not publicly accessible and you are using a private network IP in the URL, which Bitbucket rightfully doesn’t like (as it cannot access it).

I’ve already made the instance public IP but still getting this error

descriptor_uri: URL /extensions/bitbucket/uninstalled/ is invalid: local addresses not allowed

Do I need to enable anything on the Sentry instance to have a valid /uninstalled route?

The URI seems to be lacking the protocol, host and port parts, probably that’s the issue. Is your system.url-prefix setting set correctly? You can check this by running sentry config get system.url-prefix