Is sentry deployed by docker store data outside the docker container?

I deploy sentry with docker. I can see sentry use serveral components like kafka,postgresql and clickhouse. Does the data stored in these components are mapped to host machine’s volumn? If data are stored in host machines’s volumn, I can recovery data when docker container is deleted or crashed. This is important for production use. If data are not saved in host machines’s voumn, where can I setup the config? Can anyone give some advice.

Greetings, @KaimingWan! :wave: :smiley:

Yeah, if you check out the docker-compose.yml you can see all of the named volumes that are used to store data. These will persist across rebuilds/reboots of the individual docker containers. :+1:

In general the onpremise repo is designed and intended for production deployment out-of-the-box for small workloads.

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@chadwhitacre Thanks for your reply. The answer is clear. :grin:

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