Jira Create New Issue did not load Reporter properly

Hi there,
i am using Sentry with the integration to JIRA.
Try to create new issue manually in JIRA and stumbled upon the mandatory field of Reporter.

When clicking the dropdown, it said Loading failed
The other fields was loaded correctly and fine. But only this one field we couldn’t fill thus making it impossible to create any new issue to JIRA

Did i miss something on the setup?

  1. detail: “Internal Error”
  2. errorId: “8af2259941924adb9c9e7cf410767a05”
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Can you please tell us whether this is sentry.io or your on-premise installation? If it is on-premise, the version of Sentry you are using and details around that would be very helpful.

yes i am using sentry.io my sentry would be https://sentry.achilles.systems/achilles

That can’t be sentry.io as sentry.io is hosted on, well, sentry.io? :smiley:

Can you share the details of your on-premise setup such as the version etc.?

A similar issue is happening with me but instead of it failing to load I can’t see or access any of my teammates in order to add them as a reporter or assign them to a ticket.