Jira Customfield type "option" shown as type "text"

A customfield in Jira with type “option” is presented in Sentry.io as type “text” when creating a Jira issue from the Sentry interface.

We have captured the GET from sentry to our Jira server and this is returned by our Jira installation (Jira version 7.4.3).

GET from sentry on our Jira server

						"customfield_13370": {
							"required": true,
							"schema": {
								"type": "option",
								"custom": "com.atlassian.jira.plugin.system.customfieldtypes:radiobuttons",
								"customId": 13370
							"name": "Security impact",
							"hasDefaultValue": false,
							"operations": ["set"],
							"allowedValues": [{
									"self": "https://SERVERNAME/rest/api/2/customFieldOption/13376",
									"value": "Yes",
									"id": "13376"
								}, {
									"self": "https://SERVERNAMErest/api/2/customFieldOption/13377",
									"value": "No",
									"id": "13377"

JSON returned by Sentry

	}, {
		"required": true,
		"type": "text",
		"name": "customfield_13370",
		"label": "Security impact"

According to our Sentry users this was previously not an issue within the Sentry interface as Radio buttons where visible.