Migrating Old Application to New Sentry Instance

I have inherited a Python Flask application that uses Sentry. I have no prior Sentry experience.

  1. We seem to have a group Sentry account. I am a user but not an administrator (and the old admins can no longer log in). How can I determine whether our Sentry account is an organizational (paid) account or a free developer account? I can log on to the project, but when I create a developer account for myself using the same email address and log in, that project does not appear in my list of projects.

  2. The existing application does not seem to use the current sentry_sdk. Instead, it seems to be going through Raven (from raven import Client). It specifies a Sentry DSN in a config file, and I’m hoping I could just create a new Sentry instance, update the DSN in the config file, and get it to work without any changes to the code. Is that possible? How? I would also like to direct an external user to do the same, à la, “Just do [what??], update the DSN in the config file, and you can view the logs from your own Sentry account.”

  1. If you click on Settings in the main sidebar on the left, you should find a Usage & Billing section that contains all the info you need.
  2. Changing the DSN alone should be fine.