Netlify integration

I’m deploying my React app via netlify. When I receive a crash - it doesn’t use the release’s sourcemaps. My guess is that it’s related to netlify’s path prefix:

TypeError: Cannot read property 'onClick' of null
  at a.onCrash(/js/21fb376632ffb45cbdd056a3f7d9f50ac30ace38/static/js/main.ea1fa730.js:1:1128353)
  at Object.a(/js/21fb376632ffb45cbdd056a3f7d9f50ac30ace38/static/js/main.ea1fa730.js:1:941591)
  at i(/js/21fb376632ffb45cbdd056a3f7d9f50ac30ace38/static/js/main.ea1fa730.js:1:941674)
  at u(/js/21fb376632ffb45cbdd056a3f7d9f50ac30ace38/static/js/main.ea1fa730.js:1:941729)
  at c(/js/21fb376632ffb45cbdd056a3f7d9f50ac30ace38/static/js/main.ea1fa730.js:1:942367)

While my release’s artifacts have a static prefix:


I’m using the webpack plugin:

    new SentryCliPlugin({
      include: path.resolve(__dirname, "../src"),
      urlPrefix: "~/static/js",

Not sure how to proceed here :frowning:

Similar problem here I think. It seems the artifacts are never actually uploaded, so I don’t think it’s related to static prefixes.

Our releases built on Netlify don’t push artifacts, but our releases built in CircleCI do.

Related but interesting problem: we use git hashes to tag our Sentry releases w/ the following snippet:

const SENTRY_RELEASE = require('child_process')
  .execSync('git rev-parse HEAD')

However, on Netlify this yields: "a65eaa3c32dedc71a232701248a474f6766724d4\n" (quotes and new line character included)

But on CircleCI this yeilds:

Problem on my end was due to assets optimisation on netlify. Once I disabled that - it started to work.

As for your case, try to trim the string, to remove eol: