Nothing on port 9000 after following

Hi, I need some help.
I create a new instance running ubuntu 20.04 LTS and after following the official setup for, When I go to myip:9000 I don’t see the login page. Am I missing something? Sorry I’ve never worked with sentry.

What I’ve done:

Install docker and docker-compose in the instance, downloaded onpremise (, extract and, sudo ./

I have nginx installed too :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!


Did you exec “docker-compose up -d” inside sentry directory (where is located your “docker-compose.yml” file)?
Can you show output of command “docker ps”?

And additional question - if you exec “curl” inside your Ubuntu what will be returned?

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Dear lamoss,

Nothing happens, just go to another line…

Thank you very much for your response! Kind regards