Only one team member receiving email notifications

A bit more context about my team’s setup before diving into the issue:

  • Cloud based (not on-prem)
  • Free tier, and significantly below the threshold of events (roughly 400/10k)
  • 2 team members, 4 projects using the Node.js and Vue.js SDKs

My teammate and I have spent a few hours here and there trying to figure out the issue, but asking here seems to be our best bet because I can’t email support as a free-tier subscriber–please redirect me if there’s a better place to ask.

Basically the issue is what the title says: only one person of our 2 person team is consistently receiving notifications. We’ve compared our notifications settings and from what we can tell they are identical. We’ve tried changing email accounts, notification settings, and variations of the 2 and haven’t had any luck. The emails aren’t going to the junk folder–they just aren’t arriving at all. This is true for all of our integrations (Node.js and Vue.js). What’s weird is I get the weekly digest emails, just not the ones that actual matter. I’d love to be able to use Sentry because it’s a fantastic tool but I basically just have to stay logged in and continually monitor to see if there are any issues.

If there’s anything we can do to debug or mitigate, I’d appreciate the help!


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