Performance and Alert tabs

Hi there,

Quick one, I see in the on-prem version i’m missing the performance and alert tabs. I have installed Sentry 20.7.0.dev0b772884.

Is that expected? Are they coming soon or is this a difference between on prem and hosted?



APM is not enabled by default on on-premise yet. We are planning to turn it on by default before the 20.7.0 release on Wednesday.

Great news, thanks!

@BYK i seem to be running the 20.7.1 but they are still not active… can they be manually activated ?

I think you’d need to update your file from and it should become visible.

@BYK Thanx added organizations:performance-view and that gave me the performance tab, though don’t see the alerts though.
Also wouldn’t it be smart if new stuff like this was informed the admin that this need to be added to makeing it working ?

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Metric alerts are not ready for on-premise yet. It think we will get them ready for 20.8.0 so you just need to wait a few more weeks :slight_smile:

This is something we want to do at install time but it is not as easy as it looks so it keeps getting postponed. We’re still thinking of notifying people or updating their config in-place when the base config is changed.

@BYK ok about the alerts :slight_smile:

but about the new features, if you don’t informed that this need to be changed/added, to get this to work, an already installed version will proberly newer get thoose settings added, so i understand why, but that doesn’t “help” running versions that get updated.

Maybe also inform about new versions, so that an update can be executed ?

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We have some ideas in mind but didn’t have enough time to look into this yet. That said the on-premise repo is also open-source and accepting contributions if your fingers and brain are feeling itchy :wink:

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