Post minidump and ELF symbols with release or tag


I am working on an embedded Linux C++ project, it seems to me:

  1. when using sentry-cli upload-dif I can not specify a release / tag for the symbols I uploaded

  2. when posting minidump via the DSN endpoint{x}/minidump?sentry_key={key} with cURL, I have no way to specify a release / tag as well

Is the standard method to version your symbols is to do something like what is done with electron: ?

$ export VERSION=v1.8.4
$ sentry-cli upload-dif -t dsym electron-$
$ sentry-cli upload-dif -t breakpad electron-$
$ sentry-cli upload-dif -t breakpad electron-$
$ sentry-cli upload-dif -t breakpad electron-$

We have added documentation on minidumps with a description of how to upload them correctly. A detailed description of all supported debug formats and how to upload them can be found here. This is exactly the sentry-cli upload-dif command mentioned by @wfrisby .

Right now, it is not possible to specify releases when uploading debug symbols. They will still be used for symbolication, even without associating them to a release, but there might be some additional clutter in the Debug Information Files settings page. We are aware of this problem and will add this to sentry-cli in the future.

In order to set the release and other attributes when uploading a minidump, see this section. You can either pass JSON data in the sentry form field, or set sentry[release] directly. For example:

$ curl -X POST \
  '' \
  -F upload_file_minidump=@mini.dmp \
  -F 'sentry={"release":"1.2.3","tags":{"mytag":"value"}}'