Associate events with debug symbol files

Is there a way to associate an event with an already existing debug symbol file ?

This issue talked about adding release/tag with events and symbol file, but atm it’s not possible to add a release tag when uploading symbol files. Anyway will it address my issue ?

If not then, how can this be handled currently ?

So usually don’t have to do that, we only need release/tag for source maps, debug symbols work differently and we don’t need it there.

They work globally for projects/orgs and they are matched with the uuid of the images.

@HazAT how does this work with debug symbols? I uploaded some pdb files that were specific to a certain release but the events in that release (or any release) are not referencing them. I get an error that “A required debug information file was missing”

should the image uuid for a release able to automatically reference the correct pdb without any manual association?

Hey you post a link to one of the events so we can take a look at it?
This should work if the UUIDs match regardless of the release.

it was my mistake, the matching is fine!