Problem with Issue title + details

Hi there,

I have the following issue title from the Issues screen:

Because I created the crash on purpose (for testing reasons) I know that it’s impossible for the issue to be on SettingsSignOutCell.swift. The title does get it right, that the crash is on a function named please_crash. And the actual code:

func please_crash() {
   let array: [String] = []

The breadcrumbs get it right as well, by identifying the UIViewController where I was when crashing the app: WaitingListViewController.

It does feel it related to: Where version 4.5.0 provides useful details/stack.

I would love some help sorting this out, otherwise I am afraid I cannot continue using your product. Currently I am not confident that I can use it in the wild, getting a crash and be able to identify where the issue actually is.