Which React Native SDK should I use with 8.22?

  • I’m building a React Native app (RN 0.57)
  • Currently working on Android side (haven’t looked at iOS yet)
  • My org is hosting Sentry 8.22.0 (they’re not willing to upgrade).
  • “react-native-sentry”: “^0.39.1” (latest last time I looked)
  • Sentry cli - 1.36.4

Problem: Stack traces are not being resolved(?) in the source maps.

I’m building the source maps from the command line. The cli seems to indicate that the sourcemaps are setup properly.

> Analyzing 2 sources
> Rewriting sources
> Adding source map references
> Validating sources
> Uploading source maps for release *********

Source Map Upload Report
  Minified Scripts
    ~/android.main.bundle (sourcemap at android.main.bundle.map)
  Source Maps

The problem is that when an event comes in I get this error on the web ui:

There was 1 error encountered while processing this event
* Source code was not found for app:///android.main.bundle<small> Collapse</small>
{ "url": "app:///android.main.bundle" }

However, the files do exist in the release artifacts:

After poking at this for over a week I’m stuck. In an effort to remove variables I’m trying to figure out which versions of the SDK I should be using with 8.22. I can’t seem to figure out which SDKs map to which server version by looking through github.

So, to sum up. Which version of the SDK should I be using? Any idea why I’m seeing the above errors?

Thanks Much!

Quick Followup. I just tested by implementation against a new sentry.io instance. So it looks like I’m working with v9. So this tells me that I have a client/server mismatch. Any input?

Make sure that the event / dist tags of the event does exactly match your release / distribution in your release section.
The full release name can be found in the url on the artifacts page.
These have to match in order for us to tell which artifact (source map) to apply.

Thanks for your reply!

I checked that the dist and release strings do match. I also see the issues I’m generating under the release when I click on releases -> version -> overview.