React-native on Android not getting JS Stacktrace

I have a react-native app which is released on both iOS and Android . When Sentry.captureMessage is called in iOS, the resulting issue in Sentry shows a Javascript stacktrace, using the sourcemaps uploaded to the release in Sentry.

However when it is called from Android the stacktrace is only showing Java classes. I’ve uploaded Javascript source maps to the Android release too, but as this is a Java stacktrace they’re not much use. in run at line 113 in observe in onEvent at line 163 in getStackTrace at line 1736 in getThreadStackTrace

Can anyone tell me how to get react-native on Android to post a Javascript stacktrace?

Hi Tamsin,

just curious if you are using custom values for release or distribution in your builds?

I believe react-native SDK should automatically upload sourcemaps on iOS and Android, but doesn’t detect custom values.

Apologies, I missed this.
Yes I am using custom release and distribution, but I am also uploading the sourcemaps manually with the sentry-cli, and I can see they are attached to the release which the message is linked to.
More investigation looks like the stacktraces show up ok from Sentry.captureException but not Sentry.captureMessage

Hey Tamsin, I am going to message you privately about this so I can get some of your Sentry Organization information from you and have a closer look. Have a look in your messages.