React Native SDK: Android native crashes don't show tags or breadcrumbs

We’re using the React Native SDK in our app and aren’t able to get breadcrumbs or tags for any of our native crashes on Android. JS exceptions on Android have breadcrumbs/tags and all of the issue on iOS have breadcrumbs/tags.

Here is the repo castle-client/mobile at master · castle-xyz/castle-client · GitHub
and here is the commit where we added breadcrumbs sentry: add breadcrumbs for deck play, deck create, view source · castle-xyz/castle-client@27bd1c6 · GitHub. The commit where we added tags is a few commits before that but I’m not allowed to post more than two links.

Thank you

@jruder When you say native crashes on Android, do you mean Java/Kotlin code exceptions or C/C++ code exceptions?
If C/C++ code, Have you enabled the enableNdkScopeSync feature? Scopes and Hubs for React Native | Sentry Documentation

Please upgrade the Sentry SDK to the latest version as well.

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We haven’t had a Java exception this release, so just C++. Thank you, we’ll try that.