React Native Megathread

We’re big react users ourselves as most of you might know. This obviously also extends to react native. We currently have basic support for react native handling on the JavaScript level.

What this means is that if you can get stacktraces for all crashes that are happening within JavaScript if you enable the react-native plugin of the raven-js client:

var Raven = require('raven-js');

(You can find basic information about how it works in the documentation.)

We recently launched our beta support for iOS. What this means is that we now support actual crash reports in the iOS client and can symbolicate your crashes on the server. This is an area we’re quickly expanding on and we’re improving our clients to become more flexible for plans we have going forward. In particular we are exploring the options of interleaving different clients which will come in handy for react native.

The goal is definitely to have JavaScript crashes and iOS crashes handled automatically. (Same goes for native crashes on Android once we launch support for this)

However when I last looked into this issue it felt like the react native ecosystem does not yet have a good story for distributing binary dependencies via npm.

In case you are using react-native we would love to hear your experiences about it and where we should put our focus.

We are using sentry in react native for an Android project right now, apparently Android crashes are not catched in Sentry yet, do you know of a way we could do it ? We’d love to have everything in sentry and not using another third party solution for crashes only. Custom error handling works like a charm.

Are you referring to java crashes or crashes in JNI? We’re improving our android support with raven-java at the moment but you need to configure and integrate that separately.