Releases integration for iOS & fastlane_sentry plugin


I’m using Sentry for iOS apps and would like to add release information to my builds.
I found fastlane_sentry plugin but it can only upload DSYMs but there is no way to create a new release.
Is there a way for iOS apps to use those release feature?

Also I don’t really see why it is necessary to do as a separate call if Sentry can send release and build ids. I can see release id but no build number in Sentry. I believe if you add that - it will be enough to enable “Will be resolved in next release” feature.

The releases feature isn’t overly useful yet today – it primarily is used to store additional metadata about a release. Even if you send it to Sentry, you still have to annotate events via the SDK with the current version, which will automatically create the release.

I probably missed that but I can’t find any version related topic in SentrySwift documentation.
Also is it really necessary to do manually? Why not to send version and build numbers automatically?

We automatically create releases for sent events depending on the Bundle versions string, short in the Info.plist. So there is no need in creating them manually.