iOS/macOS Release Version Naming

What we expect: on the Sentry versions page, to be able to distinguish between multiple iOS/macOS targets that were released as a bundle (e.g., any app with a Share Extension).

What we experience: for iOS and macOS version names, Sentry uses the bundle ID. This can be problematic for apps with extension targets, because they will all share the same bundle ID prefix. The UI doesn’t account for this: version names are truncated. And when you hover over the version name, the pop-over also shows a truncated string.

Why it matters: the current UI makes it very difficult to discern which version represents what target. In our case, where we have four extensions and a host app, we’ve ended up using the incident count to intuit which app target each version name represents.

I understand the pain and it’s on our radar. The proper fix will take some time because it requires a slight design change of the release card.

In the meantime, I changed the max-width of the tooltip so that you can see the entire package name properly.

Also, the search input on the releases page also understands partials of package names so you can search for “mood” and will see only releases for package com.something.PlantMood.

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Thank you for the intel, the tooltip tweak, and the tip! :cupid:

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Nik, the new release card design just landed, I think you will like it!