Unreal engine integration issue


I am having an issue getting the nice error report in sentry for unreal engine.

Long story short, I cannot use the native “Crash reporter” flow, although it works.

So I’m trying to manually push a unreal engine dump to sentry.

I have managed to figure out how the actual file is sent to sentry with the Crash reporter, but it seems UE has a very specific way of in-memory zipping the file that is sent, that I am not able to mimic.
When I send the original zip file UE sends manually, it gets into sentry, when i try to zip it myself (in 900 different ways), nothing.

I have tried to upload through the minidumps endpoint, and it works, but the report is very limited and not at all as beautiful as the native one. It is basically just attachment files that I sent.

My question is, is there some way to simply zip the crash folder with the log, crashcontext-runtime.xml, ini file and minidump into one zip and send it to a sentry enpoint to get the same result as I would thorough the crash reporter flow?

Any help or ideas would be apprecieated!