Removing an old environment and it's issues


I’m currently transitioning from using statically defined environments to dynamically created ones for my developers.

Before the switch, I had those environments defined in Sentry:

  • environment1
  • environment2
  • environment3

And all looked nice and clean. Afterwards, my list doesn’t look so neat - we’re creating & tearing down multiple environments per day and after a week or so the environment list is full of rubbish.

I’d like to remove old environments, but don’t see a straightforward way to do so. Removing all Issues on a given environment sounded like the way to go, but after doing so the environment still remains on the list.

I don’t see it mentioned anywhere in the documentation or the API docs, am I missing something?

Currently the only way I see to handle this is to disable Sentry on those environments altogether, but developers really like your product so I’d like to avoid that :wink:


I have this issue as well. There is a hide environment feature but I’d still prefer to permanently get rid of spam environments.