Sentry 10 support for helm community

Since Sentry 10 stable is out, do you plan to add support or push it to the helm chart .
It’s not obvious what the changes will be for the settings and if there is a migration guide that can be used.

Note: I understand that the chart is a community version and not officially supported by Sentry but it will be nice if you can offer some kind of guide or support to push Sentry 10 forward.

Source: The original discussion started in Github

@BYK There are a couple of parts missing in Sentry 10 regarding the upgrade.
You didn’t offer a migration guide from 9.x to 10, also there is no place mentioning what are the breaking changes and what is different in the new setup.

The install script does the migration automatically so it should not be too hard to implement something off of that. I think the comments in the script are enough to explain what is happening but I’m happy to clarify things when needed.

Have you read the announcement post which mentions these breaking changes:

To reiterate:

  1. We dropped support for anything but Postgres as the database/nodestore
  2. You now need to run Snuba which requires Clickhouse, Kafka, and Zookeeper along with its clean up cron.
  3. You probably want Symbolicator which needs some light wiring up through settings.
  4. The license is no longer Apache-2 but BSL-1.1 which you may wanna read at

If you have any more specific questions, I’m happy to answer them.