Sentry 9.1.2 documentation

With the reorganisation of the documentation and the focus on Sentry 10, it seems that a lot of useful doco that applied to 9.1.2 has disappeared. We’re planning to run 9.1.2 for quite a while, to avoid both extra engineering effort and because it’s harder to do HA in Sentry 10 on AWS, so I’m wondering if there’s some way we can get to the docs ‘as they were’.

If nothing else, is there a github repo/tag that someone knows about? seems to only have the new doco, so I assume I need , but … any hints as to what commit?

EDIT: looks like was the removal. Is this close enough to 9.1.2, or should I be going for something earlier?

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This is pretty close. You may also go further back to if you need more but these are quite dated instructions.