What's new from November 2020

As always, there’s new stuff coming out in Sentry every month. So you don’t miss anything, here’s a quick rundown:

In the UI



  • You can use boolean operators in metric alerts and a simpler UI thanks to your feedback.
  • Create metric alerts for web vitals.
  • Create metric alerts on “default” events, not just errors & transactions.
  • Filter issues that are linked to an external issue tracker.

SDK Support:


  • All users with free & sponsored plans now have access to performance features, transactions & attachments
  • We’re now properly collecting sales tax from customers in the United States in applicable jurisdictions
  • Anycast IP support has been announced and prepared for rollout to early adopters on December 1.

Open Source:

  • Metric alerts are now enabled by default on OSS Sentry
  • We’ve opened up our SDK documentation process to help our OSS SDKs