Sentry RN 1.0.0 beta 6 crash reports for iOS

We were looking into a background crash on iOS 13 today where our app crashed with a 0xdead10cc exception code. (From Apple’s documentation: “The exception code 0xdead10cc indicates that an application has been terminated by the OS because it held on to a file lock or sqlite database lock during suspension. If your application is performing operations on a locked file or sqlite database at suspension time, it must request additional background execution time to complete those operations and relinquish the lock before suspending.”)

This crash was not reported in Sentry RN. Is it possible for Sentry to report crashes like this? We do see some other crashes reported, like some EXC_BAD_ACCESS crashes, and were wondering why this one did not appear.

I’m using Sentry RN 1.0.0-beta.6.

I am afraid our iOS SDK can’t pick up on those crashes. If the OS terminates an app our signal/exception do not get notified.

Hi, I still have the problem : do you know if it will be fixed ?