Sentry Version/Release Update Notification

Hi Team,

Kindly help me on the following questions:

Q1: I have the following Sentry 20.12.0.dev06c9b2ca, set up in on-premise. In which I see a tab with broadcast icon called: What’s new? and it is empty. Is there a specific configuration to enable push notifications on Sentry’s New Release?

Q2: Going through Sentry API docs I cannot find any Admin specific API (returning installed Sentry Version which I am looking for). Can you guide me in that direction?

We don’t use the broadcasts feature much yet. For that to work though, your Sentry instance should be able to talk to for check-ins and broadcast updates.

I don’t think such a thing exists. May I ask why you need it?


I don’t think such a thing exists. May I ask why you need it?

I want to be notified with every new Sentry release to compare it with the version I have installed. I want it to be done either by Broadcast updates or by writing a custom python script accessing the rest APIs.

How can I make my sentry talk with, can you point me there.

We have a built-in regular beacon that does this. It reports some metrics and the version you are running to and it also gets the latest on-premise release version as a response. I wonder whether this is working or not now.

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