Slack + Sentry. Permission conflict

Hello, i faced permission issue, while Slack + Sentry integration:
I’ve used this manual to configure Slack How to configure Slack in your on-prem Sentry
and it’s says:

On the same page under  **Scopes**  in the  **Select Permission Scopes**  dropdown menu, add:

* `links:read`

i set this permission, but while creating app i see this:

You’ve changed the permission scopes your app uses. Please reinstall your app for these changes to take effect (and if your app is listed in the Slack App Directory, you’ll need to resubmit it as well).

if I follow this message and reinstall the application, then permissions in Sentry will be reset

looks like it’s some permission conflict? How can i resolve this? Perhaps this how-to How to configure Slack in your on-prem Sentry is not actual now?