TLS version discovery

Can I discover the TLS version used? It’d explain a certain class of errors I see, but I can’t find it exposed in the issue view.

You mean what version of TLS we use on We support TLSv1 TLSv1.1 TLSv1.2, but I’m not sure what you mean otherwise.

I want to know which TLS version a client used. We’re seeing errors I could probably blame on clients using TLS 1.0 but I don’t have evidence to support it, at least not in the view.

Obviously I can go log diving on the prod servers but that’s a few orders of magnitude more time-consuming, so IWBNI the TLS version was shown in the issue report.

To clarify, are you talking about what version of TLS the client used to talk to our servers for reporting? Or the version of TLS you used to talk to another service that triggered an exception?

If it’s the latter, you’d have to extract this and add it yourself as extra data.

In my case the former is a proxy for the latter, because if the client talks to with TLS/1.0 then it’ll have almost certainly attempted the same with the payment service we use that rejects TLS/1.0 (for PCI DSS reasons).

I’m not even sure we can discover (for extra data) what the client thinks it tried to use, and certainly not universally; I’m much more trusting of servers to report that information.