Token with an outdated format to access the GitHub API

We received github notifications:

We noticed that an application, Sentry , owned by an organization you are an admin of, xxx-company , used a token with an outdated format to access the GitHub API on February 19th, 2022 at 18:33 (UTC), with a user-agent header of sentry/20.10.1 ).

In order to provide additional security benefits to all our customers, we recently updated the format of our API authentication tokens. We encourage you to reset any authentication tokens used by this app, as well as tokens used by any other apps you may have, with our [reset token API]

Alternatively, you can prompt your users to step through the authorization flow again, as outlined in the docs for either [GitHub Apps] and [OAuth Apps]

To understand more about this change and why it’s important, visit Behind GitHub's new authentication token formats | The GitHub Blog.

Do you know how to fix this issue? since I can not easily find out which project or user is using that.