Trouble with Raven and base64

Hi there
I’ve been using Sentry with Raven Plugin and Grails for many years. Since couple of weeks, it seems there are no log entries any more. I debugged carefully for many hours.

I have discovered, that the plugin encodes the message json to base64. If I submit it base64 converted, I get the following error:

“detail”: “failed to read request body”,
“causes”: [
“failed to decode zlib payload”,
“corrupt deflate stream”

I send the header X-Sentry-Auth and Content-Type. If I put normal json to it, it works.

I haven’t changed, neither has the plugin. What can I do, except of modifying the plugin.

Thanks for reporting this. We rolled out infrastructure changes to SaaS recently that might have resulted in this behavior. To confirm, are you using this plugin:

hey there, thanks for your response.
I’m using this plugin:
nevertheless, I was able to send the same request via Postman with base64 and without.
Is base64 not supported anymore or is this an issue?

Base64 is still supported, but there’s a regression in decoding it when it does not contain a zlib compressed payload. We’ll fix this on our end.

On another note, I’m wondering why this client is not simply sending a JSON payload. Base64 was only introduced to allow sending compressed requests without having to deal with binary streams.

good to hear. The plugin is quite old and wasn’t maintained anymore since couple of years. But still it’s good to know what causes this error.

I didn’t verify with this plugin, but this should be fixed now.

Great to hear. Thank you very much for your superbe help.