Updating of configuration files

Hello Sentry gurus :slight_smile:

I have been experimenting with the docker-based release of sentry onpremise 10.0.1 and installation works fine, kudos for the clean setup.

I however cannot find a way to reflect the changes I make to the config.yml file about outbound mail. I edit the file in the filesystem but after docker restart the changes are not mirrored in the admin configuration screen of the Sentry web app.

So my question - how does one restart the containers and / or sentry services so that changes to configuration files are taken into account?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @halturata!

Sorry we don’t have documentation around this yet. For versions < 20.x you need to rebuild the sentry image by either running docker-compose build web sentry-cleanup && docker-compose restart web cron worker sentry-cleanup.

Let me know if this helps!