Uploading Stadia crash data for UnrealEngine 4 crashes

We are releasing our UnrealEngine 4 game to Stadia, which has it own crash handling. Epic has told us they do not intend to add UE4 crash reporter support, as the Stadia crash handler supports all the features Epic’s crash reporter does.

Is there a known easy way to upload Stadia crash data to Sentry?

If not, what data exactly does Sentry expect to the ue4 endpoint? I’m considering faking a UE4 upload packet, as we want the crash reports from Stadia to look similar to Windows crash uploads in the Sentry web view.

The Stadia crash data includes a minidump, a file with stderr output and a file with stdout output (game log)

The answer I got when emailing our contact at Sentry, which seems to do what I need:

You have two options here:

  1. our Native SDK. This is how you would configure it to also include your game log and other attachments.
  2. our minidump API endpoint. Here’s how to include your game log in that API request.

The API is more flexible than the SDK but I think the SDK should suffice. Let me know if I can provide further information on these two options.

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