Unreal Engine 5

Hey there, with the update of Unreal Engine 5, my crash reports are not being sent anymore to sentry, do I need to do any update on the config of it?

Does anyone already got it working?

Thank you!

Hi, I have the same issue.

Reports are well received Sentry.io (FTTP request returns code 200, which means server received it properly), but Sentry.io mark them as ‘dropped’.

Thank you

I posted the bug on the github : Unreal crash reports are received but dropped · Issue #34131 · getsentry/sentry · GitHub

Hey, I’ve posted it too on GitHub a while ago and got a solution! Summing up this will be released in the next Sentry version!

Thank you.

Though we use Sentry.io, not a self hosted version, so I was under the impression the fix would have already been deployed on http://Sentry.io ?

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