Wish: Add tags to debug information files

It would be very helpful if we could tag debug information files when they are uploaded – with an optional release and/or custom tag string. I would envisage this as an option in sentry-cli upload-dif as well as a filter parameter for the API; the tags should also be visible in the Project Settings/Debug Information Files page.

sentry-cli could add parameters like this:

sentry-cli upload-dif -p my-project --tag awesome --tag testing --release v3.1.2 . 

Within the API:

GET /api/0/projects/{organization_slug}/{project_slug}/files/dsyms/?query=tag:awesome
GET /api/0/projects/{organization_slug}/{project_slug}/files/dsyms/?query=release:v3.1.2

Rationale: when we do a build and upload of DIFs, it’s usually easy to know the release number. However, later on, it is quite tricky to separate out DIFs from different releases, except by timestamp, which is a little clumsy. This makes pruning irrelevant or outdated DIFs difficult.

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Thanks @mcdurdin, that’s a good suggestion. We’re probably going to take a closer look at the user experience around debug files this year and will consider this idea.

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Thank you! Thinking a bit more, in order to round out this feature, some sort of way to determine when a DIF was last referenced via API would also help (and is a slightly different way of approaching the challenge). With this we could delete DIFs that hadn’t been referenced for a determined period.