About event forwarding via webhook


I have a question regarding event forwarding. I create a webhook which expects all the events received by Sentry. HOWEVER, instead of sending all the coming event via webhook, sentry sends ONLY one event. Is that the right behavior? If I would like to forward all the raw events, how can I achieve that?


Webhooks behave as part of alerts, which do not trigger on every event by default:


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Thanks for the reply, :slight_smile: If I would like to obtain all the event, I have to use the API, right?

For instance, https://docs.sentry.io/api/events/get-group-events-latest/

btw, what does “latest events” exactly mean?

“latest” is the latest event in an aggregate (issue/group).

Webhooks follow our alerts system, which are triggered by Rules. You can always create more rules to change the behavior.

what I have used is “an event is seen” rule and the webhook forwards only ONE event from the 10 coming events (the events are coming at the same time) instead of 10. If I would like to forward all the 10 events, which rule should I apply?

Hey there! A lot has changed since this topic was created. The preferred way of ingesting events via webhooks is through an internal integration. Here are the docs.

If you want to forward all events, you need to be on a business plan. Here are the docs. Once you’re on a business plan, you can make an internal integration that has a subscription to the error.created which will trigger the webhook on every event/error. If you’re not on a business plan, that option will be greyed out in the UI.