Can project charts be customized?

I’ve got several projects that log a high number of informational messages to Sentry along with actual application errors. The problem is, the little bar charts per project just count all ‘events’ regardless of type so there is no way to tell the difference between a large number of informational messages or a spike in actual errors that need addressed from a glance at the project page.


Is there a way to filter the event categories or severities that comprise this graph? Alternatively, is there a way to have a stacked bar graph (or similar) that shows with colors a basic breakdown of events by severity? This would let the project graph show a much better overview of whether there are serious issues to be addressed, or just informational chatter for a project. And if these features aren’t currently available, where do I go to put in a ticket for such an enhancement?

I have a client wanting to start creating multiple projects now for each of their apps just so they can easily separate reporting across info and error messages. A little customizability would go a long away in being able to keep all events in the same project.

true, we use a lot of info events for analytics, and those get mixed with errors on graphs

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Is there anyone I can tag to get an official response on this?