Can't join Sentry on Prem, no email invite ever arrives

So after we managed to create the first time user as per - How to create first time Admin user in On Prem Sentry

There’s a bit of problem. We can login using that first user admin, it also sees all the new requests to join in the sentry portal as well. What’s weird is that, after approving all the requests and said emails have been sent, nothing have arrived in the Requestors’ emails at all

we even tried creating user manuals, but still no luck as well.

Is there anything that we missed on our steps or to try please ?

Have you tried configuring an outbound e-mail server?

Depending on what you have set for outbound address (mail.from) the default server included might be sending emails that end up in spam or be rejected depending on the SPF/DKIM/DMARC setting of the outgoing domain. You can also try sending from a different domain and/or checking your spam folder.

See the docs for the email settings:

Thank you yes that worked ! we missed it

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