we’ve been working on a On Premise setup since a while and started on a multiple organization environment (SENTRY_SINGLE_ORGANIZATION=False) but now we decided to lock creation of new Organizations (SENTRY_SINGLE_ORGANIZATION=True).

After locking up environment, when accessing main URL “”, login page always redirect (HTTP 302) to a landing URL of a specific Organization, i.e. “foo”, so complete URL is “” but we want to avoid redirect or redirect to another default URL, i.e. “bar”, so complete URL will be “” or just “”.

Is there a Sentry configuration that does it or it can’t be configured at all?


There is no way to configure this. It forwards you to the default organization’s specific login page, which is how SSO functions within Sentry.

Thanks zeeg.

Do you mean ‘default organization’ defined in AUTH_LDAP_DEFAULT_SENTRY_ORGANIZATION?

We are using LDAP integration but we didn’t defined a default one (AUTH_LDAP_DEFAULT_SENTRY_ORGANIZATION = u’NOCOMPANY’).


Well, I defined a Default Organization but no practical effect.

I defined ‘bar’ as a Default Organization but it keeps me redirecting to ‘foo’ login page.

I dont know what the LDAP settings you’re referring to are (they’re not part of Sentry’s codebase). Sentry picks the default organization and as far as I remember we dont allow you to control it. It generally picks the “first” organization in the database.

So, Default Organization is defined somewhere or based on some logic and/or attribute, right?

You said “first organization in the database”, so I think it could be obtained by a SQL query… Could you please show it or point to where it should be found?