How to upgrade Docker install — stuck on Beacon modal

I have a Docker installation of 8.20.0, which today I tried upgrading to 8.21.0.

I used the steps here as a starting point:

After running the migrations, updating the Dockerfile to FROM sentry:8.21-onbuild, removing and rebuilding the containers, and then bringing the containers up, I am greeted by this screen, which I cannot advance past.

I tried adding SENTRY_BEACON = False to the end of and then rebuilding, but it didn’t change anything.

Here’s the response: {“errorDetail”: {“message”: “0 is not a valid boolean”, “option”: “auth.allow-registration”}, “error”: “invalid_type”}

I worked around it by using curl to post the same data, but changing that parameter from 0 to false.

Already fixed on the main branch: