[iOS] Using the same project for multiple schemes


We are looking to use a crash reporting tool for our white-label app to help us centralise crash reporting.

In Android, we use product flavours to build applications for different clients. Each app has its own application id.

In iOS, we are using Schemes where each client/build has it’s own scheme.

It looks like Sentry SDK and the gradle plugin support uploading proguard mappings for productFalvors so I think that’s Android covered.

The question is can we do the same for iOS? For example, Can we upload multiple dSYMs to the same sentry project?

I am not an expert on iOS and xcode build system but hoping for an answer to put me on the right track.

Hi @amr.farid140,

Thanks for reaching out to us. Yes, you can use multiple dSYMs in the same project in Sentry.

When using multiple flavors/schemes you might want to take a look into Environments and Releases to be able to differentiate your different schemes in your Sentry project.

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Also worth noting you can use option dist if you want to have two distributions of your app have the same release and environment

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